Monday, March 30, 2009

Be prepared.

So many of you know our FHE was combined this week and we had Emergency Preparedness. We were taught by some wonderful and knowledgeable instructors on so many essentials, such as first aid, how to change a tire, how to turn off our gas and power, how to unclog a drain and unclog a toilet, etc. These are all so very practical. Like when your toilet starts to overflow you turn the little knobby thing at the bottom to stop the water from coming, I mean, I already knew that, I don't just stick the plunger in the already overflowing toilet and plunge away, who does that.

But now most of us know how to calm someone down if they are hyperventilating, and we can successfully perform the heimlich, and you tighten the lugnuts on your tire in a star-like fashion. But everything we learned tonight was so very valuable that we all need to review them every so often so when the time for a crisis arises we don't panic!
(The Heimlich isn't as fun as it looks)
(Isaac is performing Look, listen and you can tell)
It was also strongly suggested that everyone be CPR certified, it can only help you!
Our ward Closing Social this Thursday at Spring Haven, kind of sad, but it will be exciting.
And general conference is this weekend so look forward to being spiritually fed and physically fed, there will be a pre-conference breakfast at the Red Door house bright and early, 9 am!

(Karen is roleplaying with Joe on hyperventilation,
he did a wonderful job on calming her down)

(This group is intently learning how to shut off the power)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Broom Ball and Stake Conference

This friday we have a ward activity, Broom Ball, at Seven Peaks Ice Arena. Its Fri, Feb. 27th at 8pm! Refreshments, of course, will be served! And finally we will have pictures soon after this activity, so if you want to be famous (on our blog), then go to the activity! Also, Stake Conference is this Saturday and Sunday. Saturday session is at a stake center by Will's Pit Stop, and the Sunday session is at the Smith Field House. Just a friendly reminder: Stake Conference is not a vacation from church. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We've got a full weekend!

So you've all gotten the ward newsletter hopefully, but here's a brief overview of everything that's going on this weekend! Ward temple week and a half starts tomorrow! So many opportunities to progress, with geneology and our spirituality; what a great combination. Service. Pizza. Canned Food. What an amazing way to spread the love on V-day, by serving those who need our service! The food bank nearly ran out of food last year so we need to step it up and give what we can. Have a great Valentine's Day and President's Day...Our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson said, "In actual fact this is the service that counts - the Lord's service." And Elder Carlos H. Amado so consisely stated, "Service gives us purpose and courage in life." I'm pretty sure these men know a little bit about service, so let's spread the love and serve those in need!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ward Temple Trip

Saturday, January 31. Our first ward temple trip!

I'm just a baby.

We have a blog! This is our first post as BYU 207th ward. We'll pretty much use this for upcoming events, recapping events, good/bad news (hopefully mostly good news), or anything that we think might be important! So be patient because we're brand new but look forward to many exciting posts!